Saturday, January 18, 2014

Grotowski Central


Feel like I was run over by a truck. Very hard to get out of bed. Get into church.
The push to move. It’s pretty much exhausted me. But after an hour or so, I’m glad I got up and got moving.

Jeremy G and Mario come in before their evening open sing event.Before they begin, Mario invites me to speak to the group and I tell te whole story, architecture, social, religious..And then  I listen for hours as their voices fill the sanctuary with songs rooted in the rural south and Appalachia. Deep, rich, resonant.  Anna and puppy sitting nearby, taking it all in. We talk on te steps after, about their possibly joining us for the Martin Luther King, Jr. event on Monday. Mario seems to hav e gatehred people from the four corners of the earth.

Meanwhile, Dzieci has been at work in the chapel, preparing for this weekend’s Maraton, their annual 24 hour experience of wordless exploration of the soul in community. I look forward to being able to experience this some day. They have begun conversations with Mario’s Work Center. Cousins if not siblings. These days with Dzieci, Work Center and even Noche, there may be no greater concentration of Grotowski work anywhere. Grotowski Central.

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