Friday, January 24, 2014

The mass is ended


The frozen world continues. Achingly cold. Spend time with the man RL refers to as Lawman Michael at the Gate discussing a wide variety of legal matter before he is joined by his two beautiful children  and wife and soon to arrive next child.

Back at the church, Jeremy G and a productions guy are going over things for the Workcenter’s upcoming  performances.

Matt from Dzieci wants to schedule time for upcoming Dzieci explorations of Sacred Harp. A page from Bread & Puppet. What is it about these old southern and Appalachian music forms that so connects with these European Grotowski children? We talk about plans for this years’ Passion Play as well..

RL interrupts to make sure that Matt knows and will relay to the other  Dzieci the importance of keeping water  taps open during this cold...

Noche is hard at work on their studio, the sounds of pounding feet.

The rest of the Dzieci arrive. Bundled against the cold, they begin a rehearsal of the Fool’s Mass. They’ve got a performance this weekend in Kingston. Even out of costume,they begin to assume their characters. The asylum’s inmates emerge. And I get drawn in. Until the last moment when Ryan walks unsteadily but determinedly down the aisle. Looks at us and says The mass    is    ended.  And then, Go   in    peace. And then as an afterthought, raises his fingers to his mouth in a shhhhhh sound. And even in this form, still profoundly transformational. 

I see Teresita and give her a hug. She says I still look out and see my Sanctuary friends sitting there. We really had something for awhile. I had to go….lots of reasons…but…it’s sad…we had something…Tell Jeremy I miss him. I’m going to come hear him perform some day. And I hug he ronce more.

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