Monday, January 20, 2014

Awash with untold back stories


The RL Haney open mic jam all star band

Have to move Joe and his woman on again. Same issue. Soon as I’m not exhausted…

Marsha stops in to see how I’m doing. Exhausted. Stare of shock. Cold or flu. Dazed. That kind of covers it….

Roselyn from Columbia University School of Journalism is in to interview me. Doing a comparison with SPSA. Part of her thesis. I’ll be  anxious to see where this goes.

Some random real estate people re taking a tour, I lose track sometimes. They come and go…

But finally representatives of a musical theatre company come in with a bona fide proposal. Would only use some of our space. Leave the rest with friends who are already there. (And who are growing by the day…) So let’s get some numbers. This is not the white knight scenario. But point is, I no longer feel like I’m over a barrel.

Danielle working on replacing light bulbs under the scaffolding. No more DOB citations, please.

Two representatives from the Justice for Jazz Musicians campaign come by again. Want to talk about a rally/concert. And maybe vigil. West-Park as a perfect venue. I like getting back into a labor issue again. And jazz musicians is a natural. Happy to learn  my kids’ jazz band leader from La Guardia High School, Kevin Blancq, is the protest band leader.

Karen is soothing herself at the piano, playing her songs.

Soon enough it’s time for open mic. I never cease to be amazed at what happens on any given Friday. When I walk in shortly after 8, the list already stretches past 11.  I’ll be pretty much last.


* Tatsuya, the young Asian with his electro accompaniment. This is  my favorite open mic, he says. I’m all electro, you’re all acoustic and you like me…That’s cool .
* Rebbie, a middle aged (well, maybe older?) singer/songwriter with traditional folk hooks but also her own electronic experiment.
* Abigail, an older woman performing standards with her husband Les.

By now, I’m feeling the flow of untold back stories lapping at the edges of the evening.

Abigail joins Joe and Alex
* Alex invites Abigail to join him and his son Joe in their set turning her violin into  a fiddle
on Wild Horses.

* And RL filled the stage with the greatest all-star (well our all star) assemblage yet for his Crazy Queasy and of course, the inevitable Stay Awhile.

As for me, I was almost ready to scrap my set of risky, complicated music, but went ahead anyway. Three songs, Joe said, you got three songs.

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