Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Epiphany: the Kings arrive


Panel: Los tres reyes magos by Angelo Romano

The day of Epiphany.  Anna is in to talk about various things in her life.


Zeljko, Sekou and I visit on Skype connecting Boston, New York and Nis, Serbia. Talking about the next steps in pulling together Zeljko’s Dream project. I enjoy thinking about what the three of us might be able to pull together. Plus Zeljko has connected with a colleague of Uli’s in Berlin and her work with Palestinian and Israeli mothers.

                                           My Dream Is, trailer

As for me, it’s comforting to hear the pounding feet of flamenco in the studio and the entrancing sounds of ETHEL weaving their way from the balcony.

And then there is Rachel. She has been here all day. Does not want to leave. It is bitter old. Brutal cold. I can’t let her stay here alone. But I don’t want her to freeze to death either. I’m off to meet my friend John from Atlantic City and PHEWA. I’m taking him with me to the Hispanic event the mysterious Angelo invited me to. It will turn out to be a gathering  of the business and political elite of the Latino community gathered for  their annual Three Kings Day celebration. Angelo is trying to rally support for the Casa Puebla consulate. My friend Bernardo and El Taller is in the same building. Helen our new council member will be there. And Manhattan President Gale. And Comptroller Scott Stringer. And Public Advocate Letitia. And the probable speaker  of City Council Melissa. That’s three of the four top political positions in the city of New York. And the top, the Mayor, rumored to be on his way. My pastoral colleague K and I will try to exegete this gathering as we ponder the growing influence of Pentecostals in the Latino social justice movement. There is this matter of world view. And trust. As my friend John says, it’s the difference between justice as a means and justice as an end with intrinsic value of its own. 

Later, at the Gate, watching the BCS championship between Auburn and Florida State, I’ll be haunted with the image of Rachel walking down the street. And wondering about her where abouts. John takes a drink and sighs, Let her stay at the church. Just overnight. Until it's above freezing.

I can’t do that. Liability..precedent…

John looks at me. Sighs.

She has options. She keeps refusing help…

He looks at me again.

Detail: Los tres reyes by Angelo Romano

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