Thursday, January 16, 2014

Closing day


Today is closing day. Stop at the church to pick up some items. Joe and his woman are blocking the door, still asleep. I’ve got to do something about this. I don’t want this to sound like its about how things look. But when our doors are filled with sleeping people during business hours, it appears as if we are abandoned and closed again, not open and alive. Like we don't care. And it does not help Joe to be asleep while the world is awake. Hr's young. Strong. A veteran. And not moving forward, I am not helping him. I need to figure out if he’s working with Reachout who felt they could find time housing if Joe cooperated. Once again, I miss Teddy. Who always knew what to do in these situations.

I get back after a closing that included more drama than necessary, though probably predictable the way things go. Carman Moore is meeting with Cara and Stephen to discuss his February reprise of  Girl of Diamond Mountain, his collaboration with Lotte Arnsbjerg, the brilliant exploration of the experience of child abuse and the path to healing and recovery that touched so many lives when he was last here. ( This time, he wants to intentionally reach out to the recovery community and structure a dialogue after. It promises to be an important performance.

Last night, Jason stayed around after he helped me with my move. And took our 20 foot Christmas tree out to join the others. It’s work done here, it now goes on to return tot the earth in Central Park.

Rachel is back again. This has become her life. Waiting for us to open, going through her things hour after hour. Demanding of us when we will be here, asking inappropriate personal questions. Being a poor old disabled lady is no excuse for  chutzpah.

David S has recruited some more muscle to get the refrigerator upstairs.

Jeremy and Priska talking with Danielle and I about their residency here. As Priska continues to evolve her studio and Jeremy and I are finding more time to work together like I always wanted.

Tonight I am homeless for a night. Guest of a friend. That will feel good.

We have closed the sale of an apartment. And I have closed 20 years of life, the longest I have lived anywhere.

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