Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An incredible energy stream cut through the air behind her


The church is dark and silent. Dzieci is about halfway through their 24 hour Maraton. I enter the sanctuary on my way back to my office and see a circle engaged in what could be an ancient ritual.

RL points out that there are unattended candles in the chapel with one person sleeping.  I’m usually more or less sanguine about these things but I know everyone from Hope to Anna has issues with candles and to be honest in a wooden room like the chapel, they are right. So we break through to Matt who gets someone to go tend to the candles.

Later, Beppe arrives. He’s brought appetizers and beer for a little get together before what will prove to be a fruitless effort to find a movie that we want to see that is not sold out. After three tries, we’ll give up and return to the church. When I first let him in, one of the Dzieci women smiled at us and walked past. When she had gone by, Beppe said, Wow! There was like this incredible energy stream that just cut through the air with her.
 I know I said, I think that comes with the Maraton.

Later, much later, after Beppe leaves, the drum circle begins. Memories of pow wows back in Oklahoma. Dancing, chanting. Whoops. I’m a little concerned about the neighbors. I go down and out into the backyard and don’t hear anything, so maybe it’s OK.

At home, in the middle of the night, I’ll get a call from RL concerned that there are people  still in the building and I realize I should have explained the situation to him.  People not talking certainly complicates the situation.

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