Saturday, January 25, 2014

Someone had to do it


Finally went to the doctor. As I expected, a bronchial infection. So we start the antibiotics. Only so much you can do to your spirit before the body rebels.

This music video being shot is serious business. A lot of work for a short song. Complex plot. Lots of children. I watch a rehearsal (with a homemade cake) the repeated takes with a clean designed store bought cake as the children destroy the cake and attack each other with fabric banners. Soon the parents will spirit the children away. The band will reappear in suits. There are dry ice machines. The have been at this all day.

Soon enough Marina appears and the Noche dancers will soon be rehearsing. I love it when this happens. This unexpected confluence. And would miss it were it gone.

Of course this is about the time Eldridge shows up needing subway fare again.

An executive from one of the companies interested in a long term lease comes in looking  into possibilities of creating a larger stage in the sanctuary. To replace another venue.

Sean is here with his electric cart wanting to leave it to be charged up. Danielle jumps in to handle that. Earlier today before  I knew it, she had gone up into the pigeon tower to pull the trap door shut. She'd gotten tired waiting for it to get done and an arctic blast was blowing down through. Says her fingers almost froze while tying it down. Got some Wonder Woman here. 

Jamie’s brought in a crew interested in being project manager for the reconstruction work to be done. Ther’s going to be a lot to keep an eye on. Lots of Irish bonhomerie in the conversation. This will come down to a session decision.

I’ll later meet Beppe, then stop back on my way home. Why is so hard for me to call 911 when I see Joe and his woman on the steps in 8’ weather?


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