Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow day. Shoveling day.


A snow covered day. Still made it to my lectionary presentation. Things still open. Though it is freezing.

Joe and his woman trying to stay one step ahead of me. But if I see them on the steps, it’s 911. No one  freezing to death here.

Soli is working out with her ballet teacher. Trying to keep all parts moving. Tells me she necesito un milgro for her rodillas…

Danielle has gone out to purchase a new shovel.  And is into some serious shoveling. I remember my various shoveling experiences here. ( The Winter Olympics of steps work. She doesn’t mind and it goes fairly quickly.

Stephen arrives, first here for tonight’s session meeting. We have a good turnout for a tough meeting. Nearing a critical point in negotiations with a potential partner for the church house. Have to ask ourselves, is that still what we want? So much had happened since September when we were ready to roll. I’d hate to see anything stop that has begun because we had open space. That hard to describe sense of synergy I observe, I feel. That sure doesn’t add up to a business plan, especially in contrast to 15 years of stability. I’m working in getting  an alternate business plan to weigh. Good serious conversation.

The meeting ends. People prepare to head out to that aching cold. My cough lingers. And I am tired.

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