Saturday, January 11, 2014

The sadness of an ending or an uncertain but inevitable new beginning


Once again, the sounds of ETHEL are filling the sanctuary.

A woman comes in looking for a blood drive. Well, not here, though its not a bad idea.

Lunch with John H. John talks to me about how the vision is already closer to fruition than I realize. And  that potentially we may be beyond needing a white knight. That is, we could potentially do this ourselves. Which could be upsetting to those who have been looking for the knight. But maybe…..just maybe

A woman has called in desperation. Last week her son was supposed to play in a benefit concert for the Philippines. But the polar vortex wiped the concert out and his accompanist had to leave town. They've finally found a replacement accompanist. The concert is tonight. They haven’t had time to rehearse. Or a place. Could they use our piano and sanctuary? Of course. ETHEL is done for the day. We could use the music. I hear him warming up. And then the pianist as well.

And of course, Rachel is back again. At least until its time to daven.

Jamie is in with representatives of a musical theatre company. She’s looking for a knight. They want something less. I don’t want to close any doors.

Late in the day, Nancy comes in. The dream apartment is gone, but the other one just might come through. It’s hard for me to let go. Especially since at the last minute, another first floor brownstone is emerging. Is it too late? Would we have the same credit rating, church finance issues? Should I just give in? Marsha joins the conversation. Concerned about me. She has been steadfast in her support.

Stephen and Cara are in from Inwood. Here for open mic, which is starting soon.Occupier Jason W is with them. Now that the political campaigns are over, what can we do to help him?

As always, some new faces appear and new voices are heard. Jason Knight, just back from Indiana, Rob and Alex Maxwell
Alex Maxwell
all have decent sets. Alex earns the ultimate compliment from RL, his original is a real song. 

Jeremy comes in and we head to the sanctuary to rehearse for Sunday. It’s baptism Sunday, so we’re working on things like Wade in the water, Down to the rive to pray, Take me to the water…

Rachel has returned from davening and is listening to the music. Sonnie delivers a really strong set.

We all enjoy the straightforward decency of Dion’s stand up. RL says, that’s why we’re here every Friday…

And soon enough it’s time for mine. I do what I wanted to do at the Underground last Sunday. A New Mexico song. Southern Lady. And end with Spending Time with You. Somehow it’s a killer set. Later Pat and I will be joined by Tim on So Lonesome…, and I’ll be your baby tonight…And we’ll all join RL on his signature Stay Awhile.

Pat O and Tim S
Where did my strong set come from? The sadness of an ending? An uncertain but inevitable new beginning? It’s all in there..and I just keep working on it…

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