Thursday, January 16, 2014

Moving day


I have been moving all day. Am in a state of shock. Twenty years of your life stuffed in boxes. Moved to a new, smaller place. Time to begin again, but…

I’ve got one more load to move from the church to the new place. Jason’s not available so my friend Beppe has offered to help. When I arrive at the church, he is sitting in the sanctuary, meditating. A few pews over, Rachel is sorting.

I’m ready to just move these last things and let it drop. But Beppe persuades me to dig in and clear a space to sleep. So I can beginning to feel comfortable, like I actually live there. This will take time. This will be hard. After we share some time together, I come back to the church to catch up with some work. Still feeling  dazed. RL will initiate a conversation about concrete issues..and plumbing issues and electrical issues and people issues…enough to distract me back to  grounded reality. For awhile.

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