Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Adios havana


After the early morning meeting with people from the community, finally meeting consistently and moving towards serious plans to raise money to restore our fa├žade, finally. I come to the office to do some work quietly. By myself.

Oh no. Those large sad eyes. Rudolfo back from Cuba already. That didn’t last long. Finally back there for the first time since 1978. What was wrong? En mi pais, no hay comida. No hay ropa. No hay medicinas en la hospital. No hay…

Pero Rudolfo, la sistema de salud publica en Cuba es muy famosa. La expectencia de vivir en Cuba es la misma que aqui…

He shrugs his shoulders, continues his litany of no hay, ….and then starts in with, Mira, el comunismo… But I stop him. I’m not an American who gets excited by stereotypical anti-communist raps. Life is too complicated. After awhile he sees that I’m not going to go an anti-red road so he stops. Looks up. Tiene quatro pesos? he says. Por la guagua? And so I give him $ 4 for the bus. Bienvenidos de nuevo, Rudolfo… He’s very happy to see Danielle.

I have time to head home for a nap before dinner with Katherine and Matt and Stan of the Representatives. Snow is beginning to fall. Heavy and hard. And cold. After dinner, I stop by for a little more work.

Haven’t seen Rachel. Would love to find a place between worrying about her in the freezing snow and wanting her gone when she’s here.

RL stops in on his way to the Gate. I’m ready to leave yet. You’re a good man, he says, don’t take the money and run….

I will think about that.

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