Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The sixth day of Christmas: We make our own miracles. Or at least most of them


Nancy comes by to pick up the keys to get some work on the apartment done. I need to go home to see my boys off.

Passing through the sanctuary on the way, out, I see someone asleep in the pews. It is the very strange young woman with the large back pack and larger eyes. I’m sorry, I say, but we’re locking up now and you’ll have to leave.

She looks up at me, repeats Sorry, with the sound of disdain, defeat, sarcasm, desperation…sorry…and begins to gather her things. She starts walking to the front door. Nancy says loudly,It’s locked. And the youg woman keep swalking. Nancy rpeat it again three times. The young woman does a complete silent circuit of the sanctuary and then s back with us. I hold the door open. She looks uo at me and leaves. I see her stopping someone across the street.

When I return, Rachelle is there, going through her things.

RL invite me up to see an episode of  show he’s been wanting me to see before the New Year.  The show is Leverage. Basically a team including an actress/grifter, a sneak thief, a hacker and a hot man headed but the mastermind, a former insurance investigator/detective. He’s called Nate and is played by Timothy Hutton. They plan elaborate cons, on behalf of average folks preyed on by the powerful.

It’s called, the Miracle Job, Season 1, episode 4. ( Basically, Nate was a former seminary student and now is drawn in to help his old friend,Father Paul,  an activist priest in an inner city church that is about t be taken over by developers. Torn down. No regard for the neighborhood.  A miracle has to be created. With means justifying the ends. For both priest and mastermind. I enjoy the comparison and connection. And in the end, we do create our own miracles. Or at least most of them.

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