Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Knicks are playing tonight


Most of the day’s energy goes into getting the apartment ready for the buyer’s walk through tomorrow.

When I get to the church Anna is there with her latest reports on life from her perspective. Her sardonic humor is in especially good form today.

As for Rachel, for someone who claims not to want sympathy, she’s playing the poor disabled old lady card to the heavy side.

An al-anon group who has lost their meeting space is visiting the church to see if we might have an appropriate space and wondering how co-existing with flamenco might work out.

My main reason for being here is to meet Jason W who accompanies me to my apartment to bring a refrigerator to the church to relocate in Mc Alpin Hall. The highlight of the day is walking with him down Amsterdam as he steers the full size refrigerator on RL’s hand truck. Not quite Laurel and Hardy quality but getting there.

We make a second trip to bring back the last items not picked up by the movers.  Things used for clean up, like assorted vacuums, etc. Couldn’t have done it without Jason.

Sean’s acoustic wheel chair is still where he left it Sunday when he wheeled in during the  service. I hoped that he might stay, receive a blessing. Join the  circle. But he left all too soon. All he wanted was just a chair swap. And that’s OK, too.

When I get back with Jason, I hear Rachel screaming. There has been a disagreement with RL. At issue here is our rule that no one can be in the sanctuary if our front door is not open. And no one alone when the building is closed.  RL had let her in, just to pick up a few things. Twenty minutes later, she was still there.

I decided to eat since I hadn’t eaten all day.
But you’re not supposed to have food in here.
But I have to eat.
No,it’s a health hazard.People see mice.
Oh there are mice everywhere.
Rachel, this was your cart.

We speak of her rich friends  again. And to repeat the same can’t go in, you can’t be here when no one else is around. Despite the fact that she believes RL has been coming on to her ever since he first met her. I finally convince her to leave.

And Jeremy and his drummer Kenny come out. They’ve been up stairs rehearsing .Rachel starts in on him, young man did yo not hear me scream? You were inside. You must have heard? Jeremy shrugs his shoulders in at least disbelief.  I tell her once again, she can’t be here when the doors are closed. She nods her head. Goes back to railing on RL. I just turn and go. I hear her yell, Pastor, pastor..... I turn back, say what? And with a gleeful look on her face she  says, the Knicks are plying tonight! Ah that fan base again.

When I get home tonight, there will only be a sleeping bag, a pillow and a dob kit. That’s it.

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