Monday, August 26, 2013

West-Park: mixing and sampling


Last night, after the screening, Marc puts on first a video of the erstwhile journeyman guitarist Carl Perkins with Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton sitting in. Followed by a Roy Orbison Austin City Limits performance. Roy of course with that aching romantic operatic voice.  Somewhere I have a picture  of h9m singing at the 1983 New Orleans jazz festival. All in black. Barely moving. And that voice. Soaring.
Out on the steps. Oh no. Edward and Charlotte. Stephen is with me. Edward, you have to go. 
Alright, alright I’m goin.
Charlotte breaks in, No,no you fuckin go. Go the fuck away.
Edward says, Hush, hush now. 
And then Charlotte starts coughing uncontrollably. Gasping for breath.
Do I need to call you an ambulance?
She got the asthma attack says Edward.
Don’t need no fucking doctor. Doctor give me this motherfucker, and she waves he inhaler. 
Stephen tells me, that's the wrong medication.
Edward says, You don’t need to be lookin at me. I’m a fuckin 55 year old man. Dob’t need no father. You quit lookin at me. Hope cone you let these other motherfuckers stay here? 
That’s nighttime, Edward.
But they bad motherfuckrs. 
It’s not about them, it’s about you, I say.
Charlotte says, Alright then. We goin then. They gather stuff up. And as they begin to leave, she looks over  her shoulder and leaves me with an emphatic fuck you.
Stephen and I watching  as they set up across Amsterdam at the CVS. He challenges my theology of hope. I tell Stephen.  He’s been through every rehab program. Knows how they work backwards and forwards. Says he gave his life to Jesus three times  and nothing works. Kills me. We look t gem across the treet. And the thing is, strange as it is, what you see there is love,..
AS neighbor from next door comes in to talk about Marc’s continued concert last night. We talk. All ends up well.
Nancy stops i just t see how things are going. 
R and his attorney Michael, a decent singer/payer in his own rite, fe in to work together to preserve a future for RL here no matter what else happens.  While we’re talking, the man who wants ot kno what its to be holy drops in again. I point that i”m buy. he’ll have to come back later. her smiles and ambles off.
A German couple comes in. Asking about a play. The had been here to see the Tenant two summers ago. What’s going on now? i tel them about the Representatives. And talk about my s who lives in Berlin.
Two representatives of the Gottbaum campaign come in. Just to leave literature. Originally he was to have an event here, but it git cancelled. Even though he presents himself as the farthest left of the candidates,  wan to see where he stands on West-Park and unfulfilled promises as an issue. 
Late in the day, an old man  walks in. Clearly educated. Turns out he’s a retired professor. From Ethiopia. He shows us his campus ID. We google him. My God, you’ve written books, I say. And on the horn of Africa...A divorce bankrupt him. He’s lost his green card. Has been sleeping in the subways. Something terribly wrong here. I use the Intefaith Assembly street sheets and give him the number and location of a safe haven as a last resort. Direct him to WSSFSH. He’s a perfect candidate. And Goddard -Riverside. Give him my card to carry with him. Stephen says it breaks his heart. Word.  Just not right.

Berik's painting
Berik and Leila setting up for tonght’s art opening in Mc Alpin.
I meet Katherine at Popovers for dinner. Just back rm Sri Lanka. She’s brought me a small creche and figures. She’s seeing Bazaorv with me tonight. But jet lag brings her down at intermission. Stephen and Cara watching tonight as well.
At intermission, after saying good night to Katherine, and seing her out  I check in on the Open Mic. Glen and Kim and Damarius have been working with RL all day. Damrius tending bar in a shirt and tie looks very classy.RL tells Damarius he’s glad he’s made parole. Damarius cocks an eye and laughs.  He  has a story with the punchline, will the defendant please rise, but we’ll let it go at that. 
I decide to stick with the open mic. Leila and Berik have  come in too. I do two emotional songs. things ar ebreaking up.
Stephen, Cara and I stand a longtime fetafter talking with Roger about the whole story of West-Park, especially the #OWS days. The craziness and richness of those days. Other listeners want all the details.
It’s been one of those times that                                                                                                           makes sampling me happy we’re here. Open Mic downstairs. Art show in Mc Alpin. Good play in the gym. Crowds moving back and forth through the building, Mixing and sampling in addition to who they came for.  Teddy loved these nights. He understood whawhat theythey mean to me. It's why we are here.
checking out the exhibit

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