Thursday, August 29, 2013


Carman Moore, the eclectic free spirit that he is, come son to talk about his fall ccner5s coming up. I mention our developing relationship with Melica Paranosic. And the Composers’ Concordance. Carman smiles. OK, something could brew here. 
David S in t work with RL. The project is top to bottom. Clean it out. Get it clear.
Damaris and his friend Kim are back, under RL’s direction. The sanctuary emergebcy lights need to be reset.    Other work to do.
Reach up an agreement with crew as to work to be done. Cue up and all up WNYC’s streaming of fences by August Wilson. They’re doing allten of his plays in the American century cycle. A perfect play to watch on the 50th anniversary of King's speech. Wilson is one of the best if not the best voice in American dramatic tradition. And its about my hometown, seen from the other side of the street.  If you missed it, 8 broadcasts to go, check it out....
Good play. Done for the day.

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