Saturday, August 17, 2013

...and Stephen sings....

LabelsRL, Marc in back on bass, and Pat O

Rob again. Harder to wake up. I’m getting worried. 
Pat is back again and her husband Larry with her. A good day of vaccuuming, cleaning, answering phones, filing. And I appreciate the company.
Gregory is back, with his ingratiating smile and  I know where it’s leading. I ask if he’s still got his job. Yes, but still needs a metrocard...
The woman who claims she’s got a show comg up at Symphony Space just wants to sing awhile. No problem...

Work with Glen reassembling the sanctuary after last Tuesday’s show. We go for lunch to talk about what worked, what didn’t, what to do different next time. I admire how he has grown in the last year. RL comes in, still needing more crew members. Glen has just left his job. Before  it’s over, RL has put Glen on retainer.
Stephen sings Fire and Rain
Tonight at Open Mic, Stephen makes his singing debut. This time, singing Fire and Rain on his own, accompanied by Pat O’. Katie R shows up with a friend. Anxious to get her to sing. I do two originals, one for the first time. Katie, and others, blown away by my one song. RL wants ot help me develo it. Then I finish with Pat O’ playing and me singing Girl from the North Country. Later, I’ll bring back Sugaree during the jam. 
The playing, the singing, the working on it, helps keep me sane. 
RL’s niece's poster turned in to a banner. If it had a different,mopre pscyhedelic font, it’d look  like Fillmore West(Park). Tune in next week....
...and plays piano...

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