Thursday, August 15, 2013



Marc stops in to review some issues and also extend a conversation about a possible rental. Marc’s professional sound work has added significantly to what we can offer to those who want to produce events at West-Park. And beyond that, he pitches in and helps whenever’s needed, often without saying a word. 

Realizing already what it means for Danielle to be gone. It will be a long few weeks. 

RL comes in to take a break from his relentless pursuit of renovation and reconstruction. I have daily prayers for the extended life of fossil fuels. Harvey coming home today. He also has some typically great tales of his days with the famous evangelist AA Allen on the tent circuit trail. Memories of hot August nights in Oklahoma for me. Glad I’m not the one who attracts his similes. But sometimes I wish I had a bit more of that snake oil in me...

My son Dan drops in on his way back to Philadelphia. So he didn’t pass his driver’s exam today. Next time. It means a lot to me that what happens here matters to him and that he wants to help in any way he can. Even by just being present. Sometimes, when it’s been really rough, that has kept me going. At some level, he gets it.

Bobby T shows up late in the day, ready to help RL. His guitar will wait until Friday.

It’s late. I look outside. Sean is there in his electric wheel chair. I shudder. But go to talk. He’s run out of juice. So I go inside. Get a long extension cord. Straighten it out, plug it in, drag it outside, hook him up. Since Teddy saved his life, then died, in some way now Sean and me  are tied together. To be honest, as I’m dragging extension cord at 11:45, and getting bottled water, well, there’s no pure feelings around that. Serioiusly complex. 

But the bureaucratic delays suck. I can feel it getting cold, he says I need to get off the street, hell I’d even go to the shelter, even though I’m, too vulnerable. Sometimes you get tired. I know Sean, I know, I think as I lock the front doors over the cord reviving his wheel chair.

It will take 8 hours to be fully charged. 

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