Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Semi-havoc. And Danielle is back. (Unrelated)


Bad start to the day. Martin enraged at what he found when he came in. Beer bottles strewn around. Broken. Beer spilled in the  chapel. Garbage bags in front of his studio. Fed up, he’s left. Stephen leaves work to come see what’s up. And I’m in shortly.

As I sort through things, some things don’t make sense.  When Matt and Stan left last night, only Dorit and Ben were left outside. When I came back to my office, things looked OK. Talk with Marc who was here later. Things wee fine when he left as well. Martin thinks he saw two people leaving the church as he arrived. We check and the door was left unlocked. Theory? Two people came in and wreaked semi-havoc. 

RL’s crew comes in but now they’ve got to be diverted to clean up duty. I’ve got to send Cara out for new mops. And Mr. Clean. And bleach. And gloves. 

(Glen thinks he has spotted our stowaway in a darkened corner of the basement. But on closer examination, probably not....)

A woman comes in looking for school supplies for her children. But we don’t have. 

Courtney is in to pay for the first week of rehearsal for his new play, Le Chateau. It will be a fundraiser for the Paul Robeson theatre. They’ve been rehearsing in the gym. 

Late in the day, Matt and Stan and Ben are in to finish their load out. They promise the gym floor will be clean enough to eat off by the time they’re done. 

I’m off to play at 78 Below. Stephen and Cara will be long later. 


Danielle is back today! And I’m aware that the summer is almost over and I’m still here. Almost like it never happened. Sadness around that. It will take time to catch up, get priorities figured out. Get moving forward. 
Stephen and Cara in again. And RL’s crew working away.
But the thing is, Danielle is back today!

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