Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So what specifically are you going to do?

The day begins with Lindsey and Brett coming to talk about getting married. As my son Nate is moving into Flatbush, they’re now ready to move up to Williamsburg. Mixtures of Detroit midwestern Catholic and new evangelical Christian but with a firm commitment to marriage equality, they want a gender neutral ceremony. As do most of the young couples I see. Gender neutral language, at least here, is becoming the standard ceremony.
Three Russians come in looking for the work if a particular artist. So I get Berik on the phone and listen as they talk in Russian. Two of these three are artists as well. One very much wanting me to appreciate his replication of the Mona Lisa. I’m not sure I quite understand. 
I look outside and city council candidate Ken Biberaj is working the crowds leaving synagogue service. Right at the corner of 86th and Amsterdam. I wait for the right moment and walk over. I takes a minute but he recognizes me as the pastor. I ask him what separates him from the other candidates in contest of likable liberals. He describes himself as an outsider. Not blessed by the  machine. Not the one whose turn it is. Therefore accountable only to the people.
OK, but, what about the specific situation here at West-Park? The unfulfilled promises?
He speaks of public-private partnership. I say, Of course, but specifically...
And he actually has thought out a plan to propose an Upper West Side Zone like the Times Square Zone that would allow for transfer of air rights to anywhere within the zone, not just adjacent. The value of our landmarks blocked air rights would be returned. Plus it would create a process of review and accountability for developers not now in place. OK, that’s good.
And then he talks about finding ways to get money to non-profits who could then use that money to
The youngest campaigner
rent from West-Park thus breaking through the church-state barrier in a creative way. OK, the guy is thinking. He tells me West-Park has become an example issue in his campaign. With the primary a winner take all, most votes win, unlike the mayoral primary whee a 50% majority is needed to win, in a field with seven candidates all with their own loyalty, anything can happen. Hadn’t looked at it like that before. OK, so that’s Rosenthal and Biberaj. How do we get the others on record?

Zoran can’t make it in  today, so I’m off to Milica’s gallery event on my own.

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