Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Longing for the crazy free zone

Visitors from Thailand in to look at the church.
Danielle and I trying to organize the week. I’m reflecting on the prevalence of madness. Walking down the street hearing three people in row talking to themselves, or shouting to no one there. People who you love who all of a sudden decide that you are responsible for everything wrong in their lives. It coudn’t possibly be their fault. Must be someone else’s must be mine. Radially different understandings of reality.Our city has smoke free zones. Drug free zones. Gun free zones. I long for a crazy free zone.
RL and his crew are taking out load  after load of garbage. David S has come in. And Mandola Joe. Still in is sling. Anxious to get free and get to the mandolin again. RL anxious for me to hear Fred Neil’s version of Shake Sugaree...
Word is our stowaway showed up for his eval. If he shows uo tomorrow again, he'll actually get housing.

                                                Fred Neil sings Shake Sugaree

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