Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jesus wept

RL continues the daily remaking of the church building, his crewmen young and old working feverishly. Well, at least some of the time. Things upstairs are rounding into shape for the Representatives. Thanks to RL. A task with no direct bearing on his own self interest. But what does, the little chapel, is also starting to be transformed. 
For the last several weeks I keep seeing Marty on the streets. He doesn’t respond. Just nods his head. And writing his inscrutable notes to himself, trying to solve  problem understood only by him. It’s the longest he’s been this way since I’ve known him. 
This week is Hiroshima and Nagasaki remembrance.  Thanks to Marc, I listen to Ralph Mc Tell’s Jesus wept:
He saw them bless the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima and that’s why Jesus wept. 

                                              Ralph Mc Tell,  Jesus Wept
                                                                  * * * * 
Should have posted this earlier but here is what Sjoerd Hoogma, performing as Writersday, posted on his blog about playing at West-park:

And In many ways NYC is hot...jee it is 36 degrees out here! So don't get hydrated ( Tom!!!! Thnx) . And we Dutch are all over the place! Yesterday evening I had a gig at the corner of Amsterdam Avenue, nearby the Hudson river! Walking to the Hudson before I went to the old Pretorian church where to gig was, I found a building named ' the Netherlands' and also found a poster hanging out there from ' het Nederland Dans Theater' having a tour in NYC. We never should have sold Manhattan, that would have been the best cure to solve the economic crisis! 

Playing in a church was one of my little wishes! Enjoying the natural acoustics of a church-hall is exciting. The engineer of the evening used a akg mic for the acoustic guitar and although I also plugged in the DI, not sure if the mic will be enough, Marc told me after the show that he only used the mic and it sounded great! The evening was a success for me asked twice to come back and do another song, selling a few cd's handing over flyers is all I need right now. Having a laugh and talk in a small studio-room on the top floor of the church with an very old country musician, with a bunch of guitars around me completed the evening. So NYC is getting to grow on me more and more.
Today going back to Excello studios! Sunday playing at the famous Bitter End, Monday Sidewalk Cafe and Tuesday At the Pianobar Brooklyn! Come by if you are in the neighbourhood!                                              

                                                         * * * * 

During my gig at the Presbyterian church ( yes..spelled as it should be) Irish Pat played some Nick Drake tunes and totally inspired I was fiddling around today with some chords.
And wrote a new song, a short song and I am pretty happy about it. Tomorrow at Piano's at Ludlowstreet I will try to play it during my one hour gig.
Oeffa, visited the place today. It is packed up there, hip to. Getting a little nervous already.
Next to Piano's there is the Living Room, a very cool venue. TonightTheTony Schrerr trio
Played up there, crazy guitar-player/singer who was changing keys a dozen time each song! He was great but also weird! That's New York. Also visited a pawn shop trying a old Silverstone guitar! Never been to a pawnshop haha...
Tomorrow rehearsal with MJ so I am of to bed now!

Cheers Sjoerd

To follow our Dutch friend on his American tour go to :

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