Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No. Not for sale.


RL has his full crew on again today clearing bags full of accumulated debris off the scaffolding. 

About mid-afternoon, he comes in anxious for me to come out. The new toy, as he puts it, has arrived. A full set of 14 foot scaffolding which can be used for multifarious how do we get up there ? issues around the church. The delivery truck has arrived and the scaffolding is being unloaded and the college guys are doing the heavy lifting. It will go in the chapel  for now. 

An investigator for the insurance company arrives and wants to inspect the roof so Danielle takes him up through the south tower and opens the door half way up the wall and he goes on out. 

Actors from all three of tomorrow night’s plays are rehearsing their various scenes. Glen finding more and more bugs to work out with 24 hours to go.

But the Broadway Youth Ensemble's back again, their clear and clean voices rising to the ceiling. 

The man from last week who had promised to repay me this week is back again. The look on his face not filling me with confidence. As I feared, he tells me he fell back into using. Now wants money to go to rehab in Garrison. How much is that ticket? I give him $10. He looks very sad. What’s wrong? 
I need money for the subway to get to the bus. 
So I take back the ten, gave him twenty instead. Thank you Father, thank you he says. What about the job? 
Maybe they’ll keep it until I get back. 
The apartment? he just looks at me.
I promise...,father, I promise..., he says. 
Travel well, I say.

A real estate man walks in wanting to buy the church. No. Not for sale.

I'm assuming the insirance guy came down off the roof.

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