Sunday, August 11, 2013

Been there


Another work day Saturday. Danielle in to help get ready for tomorrow. And to try and tackle the mountain of things that need to get done before she leaves fro vacation.

As we’re working, Jessie walks in again. Things are going better. But she still needs a place just to stop in and pray.

Stan and Matt arrive early to get ready for tobight’s performance of Bazarov.

Long conversation with RL about his plans for some roof. Danielle’s natural anxiety, liability concerns come out. Usually a good counter balance to my more laissez faire approach. RL is leaning heavy on the stitch in time principle.  And at least two of his long time colleagues have told me that RL never attempts anything he knows he can’t do. Which pretty much matches my experience.

We have done a  thorough search of the new Presbyterian constitution and know we can now safely cease our journey through the historic files. But it has been a journey. Maybe important, now that we may be on the verge of a solution, to remember the past. 

I come back late. In time to catch the after-party for Bazarov. Brooklyn beer. Craft cocktails. New Brooklyn cuisine hoes d'oevres.  I look at the crowd. The Brooklyn pipeline to West-Park back again. Talk with some guests who are so fascinated by the place. One says to me, We’ve been walking all around here. This would make a great place for one of those site specific, immersive theatre experiences. Stan and I look at each other and laugh. Uh, been there...and I go through the history of Woodshed, Alivewire, the wolf pack new moon ritual experience and Movement Research. Yes, been there. 

Earlier, I’d seen Keith on the steps. Not good. Shouldn't be here. He’s just out of the hospital. As I leave, he’s not there. But waking up Amsterdam, I see him walking with a decidedly angry pace down the street with all his things on his back. I know where he's headed. Not  good at all.

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