Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One More Cup of Coffee

Saturday afternoon. When I open the door, the stowaway is there waiting. I don’t know where he  spent the night. Don’t ask. I go to my Interfaith Assembly street sheets. Look up the names of 24 hour drop in centers. Remind him that Tim at the Bowery Residence is fast tracking him, cutting through bureaucratic red tape, getting him in line for a place to live. All he has to do is show up. Go through the evals. That’s all.
Zoran walks in. The man is a serious life force. Zorbaesque, you might say. I bring up my recent encounters with children of Grotowski. And as I expected, Zoran too, prefilm days, was into theatre and had his own Grotowski experience. We continue to explore his ideas about a festival focused on Confession. Continue to explore its various meanings. Bring Grotowski’s theatre philosophy into the mix. A concept is taking form organically. 
                                                "One More Cup of Coffee"

RL walks in and the conversation expands. Before long, RL( is talking about his only recorded cover, Dylan’s One  More Cup of Coffee, which Zoran knows by heart. Even better is RL’s story of how he got permission from Dylan to record it. And Dylan’s reaction. And how RL told him, you listen to me and listen to what I did with your song, some day, you might even make something of yourself. (RL, that’s as close as I can remember...) We’re talking about Desire as possibly our favorite Dylan album when I realize it’s time to head to my wedding. (
A couple from Hong Kong and their friends await. 

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