Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ready for tomorrow: Yunzer all the way

Gary Greengrass sees my Stargell shirt and says, Are you from Pittsburgh?
Born and raised, I say. 
So here’s the test, he the three rivers...
Monongahela, Allegheny and Ohio.
All right, he says. if you’d have said Hudson,Mississippi, I’d have known you were faking. 
Yunzer all the way, i say.
You know David who works for me?
Sure do. Went to my dad’shigh school...and I know he brought you those fat boy  bobbleheads I say pointing to the iconic Eat’n’Park kid in his checker board overalls. 
I hear the door buzz. it’s a fresh direct kid with a delivery for the Representatives. Their food person is there with her cell phone. I call Stan. They won’t be here for another twenty minutes. At least. Can I just let them unload?
Sure. And then I realize that I’ve just locked myself out. I try Marc, hoping he might be around . No such luck. I call the Gate. Thankfully, RL is there. I walk down to borrow his keys. Have a long talk with a woman who goes back  to the Davidson activism days here. Especially with seniors.   Heading towards dementia, RL tells me confidentially.
As we’re walking up the street, i try to list all the ways of irony that RL is the one I have to turn to to let me into the church.Which can only make me smile. 
I come back. Hang outside talking with Roger and other Bazarov cast members. Roger has read my blog. And also watched Zeljko’s film about Teddy. have to say it, Teddy would have loved this. 
Last night, Stephen said he was singing Fire and Rain because he had promised Teddy he would. Given their ups and downs, I like that.
I’m ready for tomorrow. 

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