Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bazarov finale


Matt, Bob and Stan

Make it back to he church just in time for the last act of Bazarov. What amazes me, as we near the play's conclusion, are the  number of people in my row who are sobbing, crying. Matt’s final soliloquy  leads to, well,  actual weeping. 

As to my question about dramatic decisions,  I get my answer from conversations with Stan and Ben. At the point in the last act  where it moves into a readers’s theatre style ...ok,  typical  Brechtian alienation... it's like neon lights  that say , this is is a play!!!.It turns out that this was not not Stan’s wrIting  but   Ben’s directorial choice. Both pragmatic and dramatically aesthetic. 

a champagne toast
A champagne toast is lifted for everyone who has been part of this month of residency. There is  a sense of accomplishment, of success. Following the toast there is a gift to me for our involvement. The Represntatives  have truly become part of our house. 

 The party continues. As do the conversations. This is exactly what is supposed to happen here. Thanks to the Representatives for joining our family. 

By the way, I think I finally got the meaning of The Represntatives. In the hip hop sense of represent, Stan and Matt represent us, at least their generation of New York us. Keep watching to see where this will lead....

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