Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mop up day

And the mop up work continues. Apparently the  geyser in the bathroom as caused by Chinese food. A lot of rice. And beer. 
Mitchell and Noche back from their California sojourn. (Summer’s coming  to an end and I’m still here..) But Mitchell notices the ceiling above him is bulging and pregnant so RL’s crew will have to go in and drain it. So no more work for Mitchell today. Soli’s back  with a friend and daughter Gabriella but will wait until tomorrow to use the studio again. As the ceiling begins to drain, we can tell there was a lot of discarded beer in there as well.
Deacon James checks in as he’s going through another round of chemo. And all his clothes thrown into bags at Capital Hall are wrinkled. Who’s going to take responsibility for that? At least the manager is back from  vacation. 
Glen joins in as part of RL’s work crew. Gabe and Damarius here as well.
The man who wanted to know what makes for holiness is back. He’s got his own issues with Capital Hall. Bagged up his stuff too.
Jeremy G and Michael in to talk about Mario’s theatre Work Center project. Typical process where we throw the ideas back and forth. Grotowski again. I express my desire for this project not to work in isolation but to actually begin to build community. Those principles again:
  1. Importance of ritual and ancient old practices
  2. The importance of community
  3. The creative process existing to be in service to others
  4. The importance of song and music in community
I remember how sad I was when the Steelworkers’ Union Men of Steel Chorus finally went out of business. An era had ended. (Likewise the New York City Sanitation Department’s marching band...)
Outside the man with the bulging eyes and leather pork pie hat is pointing at the church and saying, And Jesus said to Nicodemus, ye must be born again....
All to soon, Stephen and Leila and Marsha and Jamie are all here to go over our strategy for the Presbytery Property Committee. Yet one more hurdle but we’re getting close. When we’re as ready as we’re going to get, we go out to get cabs and go  there and let the chips fall where they may.
When we get back, we agree that things went well. And that  we’ve got work to do. I’ll take Stephen out for a bit of dinner before  heading to 78 Below to play some music at Pat O’s Monday night show. 

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