Thursday, October 3, 2013

To be. Or not. When italians fight, they serve spaghetti.


There is no choice but to get down and get to work.

Stephen is in and we review everything that has transpired and all available options. The session will meet later tonight.

Mim drops by. Mainly because she wants to take Danielle and I to see our friends  Ethel at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Wednesday night. But I have to share with her the shocking news of Presbytery’s chaos creating split decision on Saturday. We go across the street to the Bean and her unflagging care, concern and support helps. On the way back, she gets to meet RL for the first time.

Berik stops in ready to schedule his next art show. But we can’t even give him a clear picture of what will be available when. Ever the creative artist, he is not fazed but begins to contemplate what a show in the gallery might be like. 

The session gathers. With a completely different agenda than originally imagined. It is so hard, after all these years, when the light finally seems to appear, when the way finally appears to be clear, to have it snatched away in a second. By your own people, so to speak. Part of the soul just wants to say, I’m done. But there is no strategic plan that flows from done. We want to fight. The question is how. Stephen reminds me of the difference between wise and right. Which will we be? 

The wrong question from Jamie at the wrong time  sends me for a walk around the block, breathing hard. I come back. Take a deep breath.

Throughout all of this, the cast of Lynnea’s Frog & Peach... Hamlet keeps passing through,one by one. 

When I get to the B, there’s a palm and a plate of bolagnese waiting for me beside her. When Italians fight we serve spaghetti, she says.

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