Sunday, October 20, 2013

Everything happens for a reason


Early morning and the load in is beginning for Dinner Lab. It’s an expression  of the whole new food as art, food as entertainment,trend. Tonight they will use the sanctuary  for their cocktail hour and Mc Alpin as their site for  3 seatings,  full course  dinners. They  go around all over the city looking  for intriguing  venues..and we definitely fit that. The load in will take all day.
Dinner Lab first seating

OK, so Sean continues to hold his position on the street. Yesterday, after he left, it took the rubber gloves and a snow shovel to clean up and out. Today, after charging his battery, he will be on his way. But first, he asks to use the facilities. I watch with a sense of poignancy and admiration as he makes his way up four steps then all the way down 15 to the basement on his knees. His determination, persistence, can’t help but move.

He wheels himself to the front of the church. I pull the extension cord out and hook him up. I turn to go and he says, Hey Bob, wait a minute. I got to tell you something. I  know how hard it is to clean up after me. I know the mess I leave you. I just can’t deal with it. But you deal with it, and you don’t trouble me. I don’t get it. I know I’m bipolar. Like i’m two people. And my bad self acts up, gets bad. And you still accept me...

Stephen overhears and says, That’s what we do here. It’s acceptance. It’s forgiveness. Jesus, you know?

Sean says, Most of the time, it’s frustration. That and embarrassment. Just want to be invisible. If you didn’t help me that day, wanted to wheel myself into the middle of the street. But you know, everything happens for a reason. That day you got upset, when I was there 24 hours, you wanted me to go. You were worried. If I wsn’t there, I woulda been up there, he points north, where the gun fight was. Bullets don’t ask no names. Maybe I be dead. Everything happen for  reason. God want me here.

We talk about his wanting to go to a program. Long enough to get well. Give him enough rest for the swelling to go down. And then he wheels off.

Karen comes in to play, but finds Carman Moore and his Sky Orchestra hard at work for their concert to tomorrow night. Jeremy stops into listen. Weighing upcoming events. Possible gigs in Switzerland. 

Beppe stops in after his rehearsal. We share two wheat beers. Conversation. 

Berik has just a few more paintings to hang. The cocktail hour for the Dinner Lab begins.And Stephen and Cara are handling the cocktail hour music. A first for both of them. And handling it well. 

Anniversary time for RL and Harvey. 32 years. There is something there to admire. And celebrate. 

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