Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's been a good night


Beppe, Bob, Carman, Mor Dior Bamba

There are always unsung heroes. Yesterday, Marc had the whole sound/recording set up ready for Carman when he arrived. By all rights, should have just stayed that way. But we had this Dinner Lab event....and in the present reality, we can’t afford to turn anything down.It had to be dismantled.  So after the Dinner Lab left, Marc was here until 2 am redoing what he had already done. And when Carman and company arrive tomorrow, no one will really know.  That kind of support is what keeps us going.

Joe and the girls are leaving as I arrive.  

Debra and her crew from Dinner Lab are very happy with last night’s event. And they might even hire Stephen and Cara to play another event.

Our new Presbytry Exec Bob Foltz-Morrison comes for a visit. Wants to see the whole place. For himself. Understand the story first hand, not second hand. Help us think through our situation as wisely and completely as we can. Bob is new on the job. But on first impression, he looks to be approaching everything as a fresh slate without preconditons. He comes across as unassuming and down to earth but with a pastor’s heart, that is able to express a sense of personal caring and support above and beyond any political considerations. He comes across as one who starts with caring and then can move easily to analysis. It seems that contendng forces are giving him a honeymoon until he gets his feet firmly on the goubd. May it continue. 

While we’re talking Luli comes in, with her dancer’s easy movement, her long silver hair braided. She has an armoir to donate to the church.

Deacon James comes in. Another chemo on the agenda. Bob is seeing what life is like here day to day. Stephen takes him on a tour of the church house so he can fully understand the deal we are working on and why the two parts are so closely bound together. 

Al the tables packed up and gone. 

Midafternoon Joe and the girls are back. The have actually taken my advice and gone to Euclid Hall (Westside Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing looking for assistance. Seems they need a recommendation.

Carman’s preshow rehearsal well underway. Danielle’s student Daisy’s father and uncle are enthralled with the rehearsal. Danielle invites them for the show.

Berik and Leila have another opening, Inspiration from Imagination....visitors are arriving.

Because Marc is recording the concert, there’ll be no Open Mic tonight. Disappointed players, instruments in hand, depart sadly though some stay. Especially Dion the comedian who is quickly drawn into the performance.

It’s another fine night for Carman. His Righteous Heroes features an extended high vocal improvisation by  Senegalese singer Mor Dior Bamba, his voice floating, dancing above everything else.

Danza Sagrada by Kenneth Bichel evokes the rain forest of Mexico and further south and the sacred jaguar makes his appearance. 

Finally, Carman's Quiet Place brings my friend Beppe back with his Tibetan bowls and Catarina’s projections. And dancer Kiori Kawaii moving through the projections. Carman is an eclectic globally open musician with a wide collection of artists inspired by his vision. Collaborators have come from as far away as Mexico and Denmark to be part of this festival. It's interesting to compare  what he does with  Milica. It's like Carman is a pioneer, one generation before. It has been one fine night. 

As we clean up, Joe and the gang are returning. And George has reappeared. I give him a warm greeting as Beppe leaves. 

Yes, it’s been a good night.

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