Thursday, October 3, 2013

One or done. Omen?


And it is now October. And it is very hard to get up in the morning.
Stephen and I are returning from our meeting with the new Presbytery staff, Exec Bob and Stated Clerk Andy. First day on the job. Bob impressed me on Saturday. Even though important business was going on, when  he saw Marsha and I walk out, he immediately came out to see what he could do. Starting by just being present.

Bob and Andy give us good time.Listen to our story. Go through all the possible scenarios.  Andy is fulfilling the promise I saw when I served on the committee that hired him for stated clerk. He was the only one who for me gave a fully integrated answer to my question about the underlying reformed theology of our polity and ecclesiology. And he comes through with clear and cogent advice, both legally and politically.

Stephen is a real asset in these situations. He thinks well on his feet. Tells his personal West-Park story well. And is soon bursting with creative thoughts. We left on a high, especially when he gave me an impromptu sales pitch for about 15 minutes on a Barnard bench. Convinced me. 

As we get off the bus and approach West-Park, he’s saying that he sometimes misses the Catholic world where a bishop simply says something and it is. As we are passing him, Marty looks up and says, Afternoon, father and Stephen laughs and says, Well you got one.

Back in the church, Danielle is working with the young Spanish girl she is teaching English. It warms me to see her carefully, caringly working with her. 

Glen comes in with two of the young women from his last show. They have their own idea they want to pursue and soon they are exploring  all over the church just trying to find the right place for what they want to do. Glen will help them prepare a proposal.

Evan comes in at last with the proceeds  of his last show. He’s dressed up, looking good. Just worked a fundraiser. 

I’m feeling OK. I’ll head uptown to watch the Pirates' one or done playoff with my friend, with West-Park’s friend, Mark K from the UN. Pittsburgh guys need to be together at times like this.  And they do win. I choose to take this as an omen.

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