Saturday, October 5, 2013

A breath of fresh air


A breath of fresh air. Bobby and Kristen want to get married. He was born in Hong Kong. She’s Puerto-Rican/Ecuadoran. Both raised in and still live in Spanish Harlem.Though their street, like much of el barrio is quickly gentrifying. She wants a Christ-centered wedding. We can do that. No issue with Bobby’s Catholic background. This is West-Park. I explain that Jesus didn’t teach doctrine, he taught love. And that St. Francis said preach often, use words when necessary.

They’re both EMTs. Daily involved with saving people’s lives. Or first on the scene when lives are in the balance. Turns out Bobby works this neighborhood. These steps are part of his rounds. He’s stopped for Sean many times. Part of why he came here. We’re kind of partners, I guess. Doing his marriage will be an honor.

Saw Pat and Larry outdoors at my breakfast place Mila. Best egg white omelet in the neighborhood, says Pat.

Big David is here looking for RL. Glen is in looking for Big David.  He’s also brought some urns for flowers.

A woman I’ve never seen is in the sanctuary playing the Beckstein.

Danielle tells me that while I was out, a woman cop came in. Danielle was nervous until it turned out she was a friend of Tina’s in to pick up Teddy’s driver’s license. She’ll come back to meet me later. 
I go to see Woodshed’s new project as part of the Prelude festival. Then head to First Pres in the Village for a Presbytery Council on Witness in Society and the World. Catch the end of a  better to be forgotten  Pirates’ playoff gamethen back to West-Park. 
I step outside to visit with Lynnea and some of her Hamlet cast. She lets the door close. And I’m stuck with my keys and phone back in the office. Luckily, she’s got Danielle’s number and calls Danielle and  Danielle calls Marc, who’s just left  after finishing work on an old Stratocaster,  and soon I’m back inside finishing my blog. 

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