Thursday, October 3, 2013

Say one for me


Still feeling good from last night’s game. And a lectionary meeting where my friends are expressing support. Nadine, too, was in the same state of shock Mark was last night. If she had known, she would have stayed to vote. I’ve heard that from more than the three votes we lost by.

At the study, I had a call from Stephen. Important meeting with our potential partner. Joe and gang were on the steps. Sean back on the sidewalk, halfway into pedestrian traffic. All gone by the time I get there.

Off to an eye appointment with no idea how I’m going to pay. Yes, chaos.

Stephen tells me that Joe cursed him out and that he told Joe next time he saw him it would be 9-11 to which Joe replied, whatever. 

When I get back, Chris has come looking for mail. He’s looking good. His new place working out. Something actually worked. 

Big David in looking for RL. Who soon arrives. Tell him he’s just missed Chris. He smiles an enigmatic smile. 

Cara arrives for flamenco. Does some sweeping, which she hasn’t been able to do for awhile. She’s missed it. Stephen tells me he ran into Joe on the subway. he apologized. Said he was wrong.Held out his hand. Stephen shook it. Said, we’re good. 

I check my e-mail. A devastating message from a presbytery friend. Depleted social capital. Suspicion. We’re not responsible. Waste resources. Could we go back to square one? Won’t have the votes. Will just anger people. It’s pretty depressing. I have to wonder who she has been talking to. Her email has disheartened others.

Session members arrive. Feeling up. Until they read the e-mails. Stephen has more bad news. The approved lease will still have to get Supreme Court approval. Didn’t see that coming. Have to play this very carefully. After thinking we had a clear strategy, back to examining all options again. Thinking about our secular political friends like soon to be Manhattan Borough President Brewer. We must pull out all stops. We end determined. But I feel soul weary.

While Stephen runs a download, Cara does a more thorough sweeping including 86th street and Sean’s debris. Joe and gang arriving. We exchange greetings. 

Stephen and Cara wait on the steps as I go in search of a slice. Too late. Have to settle for a bodega meat pie. I remember the silent woman sitting in the church and praying for hours. Say one for me, I wanted to say,  say one for me.

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