Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A half a world away: greetings from Serbia


A quiet Saturday. Mid afternoon, I’m on Skype with Zeljko from Nis, Serbia. talking about his upcoming visit to New York. Wanting to set up some more screenings of Second Meeting. Wanting to connect with peace and reconciliation groups, continue the dialogue we started at Stony Point last March.

Also talking abut follow up on our Dream film project. How to narrow the focus. He’s got some ideas. And I know that RL has been working on the narration of the Barqu Barque. I’m looking forward to his visit.

I’m still of an age where it amazes me that we can be seeing  each other, talking to each other, oceans and time zones away in real time. In so many ways, he ws right in my office today. 

Heading to BAM in Brooklyn to see/hear Ethel’s Documerica....

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