Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Even if it's in Yonkers


A bright and beautiful morning.Stephen is already here to greet me. Anna and puppy arrive soon too. That’s what brings me joy on a Sunday morning. People here to meet me when I arrive. 

The congregation gathers. This is a good day. People keep arriving. The circle keeps expanding. Dion, the comedian is back again. He’s almost a regular. Travels an hour from the Bronx to be here. The Fridy night Open Mic has become a family for him. And now Sunday morning too. That’s the synergy we speak of.

Soon son Dan arrives in his Steeler jersey. Our home town team in to play the Jets. We will be leaving soon. I’m proud that Pat and Glen are ready to lead services even as I have to be elsewhere.

Today is an important day. It’s Adham Brenes’ birthday. He would have been 22 today. Six years later, the tragic, unnecessary absence still hurts. All afternoon, young people will stop by Hugo and Arcadia’s just to be present. But this  morning they are with their church. Our hearts will be wit them all day long. And Adham is still with us.

Later, after a day with family ending with Chinese food in Chelsea, I’m back. I hear voices raised outside on the steps. I go out to find Joe storming off. I try to speak to him but he’s gone. His girl friend says he’s angry. I tell her they’ve got to chill. Rob is already asleep. (Why is he here? Why would you choose to sleep outside  on the steps when you have  a place  to go, even if it's in Yonkers?)

Time it head home.

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