Sunday, October 13, 2013

Better be now


Rob has come back. Apologizes for not having cleaned up on Sunday. Asks for broom and pan. When he’s done, asks me to pray for him. I ask what he’s doing here. I have to see my family, he says.  I calmly explain that our understanding was that this is not to be permanent housing for anyone. I need to have  proof of the family trying to move forward. he assures me that Joe has a  new ID. That services are just around the corner. And I calmly repeat what I said before.

Jeremy stops in to pick up his guitar. I mention that I found it in open tuning and he gives me an impromptu lesson. It’s been years since I’ve fooled round with open tuning. maybe even wrote a couple of songs I’d like to try and recover. Danielle gives him a tour of some upstairs studio spaces. We’re moving gently towards trying to explore what might be possible barterwise. 

As Jeremy has left the piano, Karen has moved in and has taken it over. Her sounds are filling the sanctuary as Carman M comes in to talk with Marc about sound issues leading up to his weekend festival coming up in two weeks.

I get a text from Elise reminding me that I’ve totally forgotten about our meeting following up on our Palestinian film festival. And on my way up, Danielle reminds me that Mim's on her way so she’ll have to meet me at Advent. Things happening much too fast. 

My mind and heart are occupied with trying to get a workable, rational solution out of Presbytery. Which is what Jamie and Stephen and I are focused on.  

Cara drops by for a visit. And long talk with Jamie.

We hustle to get our papers together and off to the Presbytery office. 

Later, we’re at the B to review. We’re still alive. But keeping it so is incredibly painful. It all could go south just because some people are too tired of this or annoyed. What’s needed is sound, critical, strategic thinking.

I need to go see if the Pirates can take one more from the Cardinals and move on. (Turns out they can’t).

Truth told, the Pirates are not a New York thing. They are a Pittsburgh thing. This playoff appearance....after 21 about connecting me to my roots. And periods of my life. And metaphoric reflection on current realities. (Better not  go too far with that...) But in a stress filled week walking the tightrope, I’ve enjoyed all the supportive comments, friendly encouragement, vicarious sympathetic solidarity and Joe and Dan’s Pirate song. The Buccos brought me some relief. And thanks for that.

Maybe next year. But for me, better be now.

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