Thursday, October 10, 2013

Glen brought a friend


I look up and see Glen coming in with a guest. And when he introduces her, I realize  it’s Loretta Swit who I used to watch all those years in MASH. (Hotlips Houlihan).
The MASH gang
Glen walks her dogs,she was impressed that we blessed them last Sunday. Wanted to see the church that welcomed dogs.

In the sanctuary, I begin to give her the tour an then quickly discover her interests. She’s involved with a new documentary Never the Same, about POWS in Japanese slave labor cams during World War II. I’m impressed that her years on MASH have led to a lifetime commitment to veterans’ issues. The sanctuary looks like a great place for a screening. ( )

She’s also interested in new play readings and perhaps master classes. And a true passion for animals and animal rights. The sale of her art goes to support a variety of animal rights causes.  I love her passion, vitality and clear commitments to art and humanitarian causes. We’ll see what we can set up, a step at a time. Glen will help. She and her decades long personal assistant come back into my office and i give them each an angelito from Angelo. 

While Glen was leading them on a tour, Ralph from Ethel comes in. I congratulate him on their performance Saturday night at BAM of Documerica, their intense multimedia performance of their relentless new string quartet music against a backdrop of 1970’s era EPA photos documenting the American environment. Part of BAM’s Next Wave festival. And how after seeing the BAM Harvey Theater, once the grand old movie palace, the  Majestic, in it semi-ruined glory, I understood more deeply the Brooklyn/West-Park aesthetic connection.

We also talk about the planning for the event later this month with Jon D and his Very Young Composers program .

When he learns Ms . Swit is here, he gos off to see if he can meet her. 

Someone wonders in looking for the food pantry. I redirect him towards SPSA. 

Anna comes in and I tell her of Ms. Swit’s commitment to protection of animals and Anna smiles. One of her biggest commitments. And immediately she’d like us to be a place for a weekend adoption pop-up.
'The Rookie" by LS

Karen is playing her music again. 

Jen wants to plan a Halloween Party. 

A neighbor comes in to donate a fancy walker.

Another Crenshaw Center scout here to look at our sanctuary.

I catch Leila up on where we stand strategywise. An we talk about he rnext art show.

Just as I’m getting ready to head to 78 Below, Stephen appears. We have much to catch up about. 

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