Sunday, October 13, 2013

And a pair of shoes


Joe and the family, including Rob, filling the steps. I’ve got to get them gone. 

Sophie and Carlos from the National Movement Against Sweatshops are here to talk with me about the coalition to get a real minimum wage. Seems to be growing building up steam. Has to include tip workers too. Need to go after Governor Cuomo. I talk about my contacts with the fast food workers. There seems to be some connections  growing  there, but as always, ideological issues keep allies apart when the fight needs to be together. I talk about my recent experiences with the carwasheros. (I love that word.) Sophie takes some notes. Will reach out. I’ll try to see what I can do from my end. 

A woman brings in another woman, kind of wild eyed. Wants to do some volunteer work. OK, a job for Danielle. 

All afternoon Piano Dan is tuning the Bechstein. Something comforting hearing him perfecting note by note, hearing the change, increment by increment.

Anna is in for a visit with puppy and a report on happening is in the world around us. 

Walking back from a visit with Hugo, i see three former occupiers sitting at a table outside Slightly Oliver’s. Jonah, who I never did quite get, Ted, the trust fund kid who somehow always carried that sense of privilege along with him, and Sean, quiet stable African-American who often served as facilitator. I’m working for a union now as an organizer, he says, living at that church, being part of it changed my life, even with all the craziness, I saw what I needed to do. Thank you....

I needed to hear that. 

At the door, there are two very large bags of clothes. And a pair of shoes. 

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