Saturday, October 5, 2013



Into a very intense pastoral counseling session. People keep coming up, looking in the window. RL, Glen, Marc, Jeremy. I keep waving them off. I keep bringing the conversation back from the global to the existential. What do you need to figure out today

When I’m finished, I return my friend John’s call. Discussing the presbytery situation. Tell him I’ve been doing pastoral counseling. He laughs. But why, he says, after all, you’re not really a church. Referencing one of the claims made about us (without us...)

Danielle tells me she’s been showing Jeremy some rooms. He wants to do some rehearsing, maybe recording. Earlier in the day, she was showing some spaces for a neighborhood party. One of the moms a well known TV actor on a popular show. Danielle's  learned enough to be cool about it. That’s what we do here. 

Cara has time to do some more sweeping before flamenco.

Jeremy tells me he’s doing the Dos Pueblos gig tonight. Dos Pueblos started as a Nicaragua solidarity group back in the contra war days and has continued to work with the little village over all these years. So I’ll keep my meeting with RL’s lawman Michael short enough to make it in time to hear Jeremy before Open Mic.

I bring his guitar back to the church for him. Consider playing it, but it’s in an open tuning. 

Talking with Martin, Soli and Marina. Martin has cut his hair.  This will take some getting used to. And Marina off for a late night flamenco gig in Brooklyn. That I would like to see. 

Another good night. Another wonderful journey with Joel’s monologues. Oh babies...Michael S. A new female vocalist, San(dy)  singing standards with Dan at the piano.
San(dy) sings standards
A new very tall singer from P&G back in the day. Mandola Joe back. Dion the comedian, who’s been coming to church. And Glen is tending bar. 
Marsha has come just to listen  but winds up talking strategy with Stephen. I hate the hours this is consuming. Just plain wrong...

Joe namechecks my Pirates and their victory today. And then invites Dan up to join him for their a capella pirate song. Aaaaarrgh.
Joe and dan sing a Pirate song
(Go Bucs!)

I feel distracted and weary. Too much so to lose myself in my music and I feel ragged. Not happy.

RL and Dan close us out with stay awhile with me...
The same issues will still be here tomorrow. Aaaaarrgh.
RL and Dan close out the night

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