Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Existential demands of now


rehearsing oedipus

A lot of work to do for a Saturday. As always, catch up work from a week without enough hours. Jeremy is in the sanctuary with a whole company working on a recording of a new musical theatre piece on Oedipus Rex. (Gia Forakis & co.,’re making a recording for potential backers. It’s to be in a ’40’s noire style and the music comes across black and white like that. They’ve made the sanctuary virtually soundproof.  
Oedipus with chorus

I’ve got a meeting with Berta and Armando. She’s Puerto Rican, he’s Salvadoran. His parents left during the years I was working there, during the civil war, the death squads.  It will be my first total Spanish wedding in awhile. I will marry them under the Brooklyn Bridge. Next week.

Good to see Jeremy’s artist wife Priska just back from Switzerland. 

RL is in to practice. And to maybe watch some Sherlock Holmes or Nero Wolfe. His studio, a kind of in-house safe space to hide  out until various and assorted dust settles. One can easily time warp into the ‘40’s or ‘50’s or radio time or  any other time until ready to step back into the existential demands of now again. 

Stephen just ready to help out anyway he can.

End of the day, Jeremy brings Gia by. The producer/director of the Oedipus project. As expected, she is enthralled by the space. Wants to do more here. And of course I’d love that. The issue, as aways, is synergy, putting it all together  into a coherent whole. A commitment for the long haul....

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