Tuesday, September 30, 2014

After the theft


Tricia and Lee working on their two plays, including Tricia’s unique take on Othello. Moving towards an immersive production, multi-rooms. Maybe workshop in November, actual play in February. Lee concerned about the splintered floor in McAlpin. We’ll see what we can do.

Marc is anxious for me to see the recording studio he has created in the basement and the broken window he has repaired.

Pat O has had another day with architects. Yes, we’ve had the stop work order lifted. But we still have to get our work permits approved. I get tired of the waiting.

What the day has really been about is all the hours I spent in the precinct house reporting our theft. As I look up at the corkboard above the detective, I see the photo of the baptismal font missing in the Occupy days. The detective says they’d be more inclined to pursue these cases, and there are reports I wasn’t even aware of, if we installed cameras. OK, it’s time.

Dion drops by. We talk about a friend now in a therapeutic community environment. Dion has worked for the program. He knows the drill, happy to hear the news. And,as  it turns out, he used to install security cameras. That may well come in handy.

Talk to handyman David S about the camera issue as well. Maybe between Dion and David we can handle this.

Skyping with Jeremy from his European tour. Just finished a gig in Freiburg, Germany and here he is in my office from Switzerland. We review the Climate march, worship at West-Park and music.

Noche’s singers have  arrived from Spain and the walls echo with the sound of flamenco singers.

The Frog & Peach Titus... cast is arriving.

After another amazing concert at my friend Milica’s Gallery MC, I stop in to say hello to RL before heading home.

We’ve got to buy a new computer.

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