Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Apparently seeing is not believing


Pat comes by with papers for me to sign. All related to our upcoming reconstruction project. Some will require an official notary. That’s where Mandola Joe comes in. And that must wait until tomorrow.

Dealing with the Department of Buildings is entering into a world somewhere between Kafka and late Soviet bureaucracy. Filled with middlemen who were called expeditors whose job it is to see that your papers continue to move forward. They’re held in a bullpen. Sometimes a political connection can get your expeditor welcomed and to the front of the line. Other times it’s a matter of random who knows what. We hear a word has been put in on our behalf. Expeditors now call themselves code consultants. An effort to bring more dignity to thei work. A new name doesn’t change the maddening process.

There’s been a stop work order in effect since 2008 when we had a plan to demolish the church house and build a residential tower. Now we have to prove that we never demolished the church house. I’m like Get on the 1 train, get off at 86th Street. Walk one block west. Take a good look…But that’s not good enough. There has to be an architectural submission, an official inspection…seeing is apparently not believing…

Pat and I are preparing for the Center meeting when Mim comes in. It’s been way too long a time since we met. Her support over the years has never wavered. We’ll bring everyone up to speed on our negotiations and on our construction projects. We’re back to figuring our what the most critical roles for the Center will be.
* Building management?
* Securing rentals?
* Expanding the board and starting a capital campaign?
What is most critical is getting the 501c3 tax free status resolved, which seems as maddening as working through DOB processes. And the exciting programming we envisioned to define the Center, that can begin now. Just do it…

My son Nate is waiting for me in the sanctuary. We'll go grab some barbecue at Brother Jimmy's then head home to watch the Jets on Monday night football...if the Steelers are not involved, well, then I'm New York all the way..

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