Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Something of their own


Another Angelo 9-11 tribute

Pat O has had a busy day in the building. Been down to what we used to call the Stygian darkness.Where only Danielle and I had been. Located the source of our ongoing flood in the basement. Every time it rains. Down the walkway behind the boiler there’s a long stretch of planks. This flood plain has been here for years. He traces it back to an issue on the northeast corner dumping water directly into the basement then down a path of least resistance. At least we’ve figured that out. And he’s also discovered a foul smell in Proska’s studio. We’ll send Stephen S up to investigate that.

We’ve got a ongoing conversation with David S about light bulbs that I have a hard time following as passionate and sincere as it sounds.

Lynnea of Frog& Peach is having issues at another venue and is exploring the possibility of transferring her performances here. Would be great to have them back. Way back in ’95, Lynnea and Ted excavated the old Papp theatre from the trash filled ruins it had fallen into and resurrected it as a performance space. For over 10 years they brought a very special vision of Shakespeare in the Actor’s Studio tradition to the Upper West Side. Lynnea has always been able to attract a solid core of veterans and new comers to New York just ready to spread their wings to her productions. It’s closed a circle to have them back in the house. The theatre has had some damage since they left. But it would be great to have them back…

Stephen W and I have a long talk about this weekend’s Climate march. Keeping to our tradition, our legacy, we’ll play our part. We’ll be hosting a group from Wisconsin’s NAACP, including teenagers. And we just agreed to be a drop off point for three busloads from Columbus, Ohio. Sierra Club and faith based community organization folks. We’re evolving our Sunday morning plan and a social media strategy to get the word out. This march promises to be big. A time to connect again.

Phase 2 of the RL strategy is based in the principle that not only do people need something to do, they need something to defend. Something to call their own. No matter how small,  Give people something of their own, they’ll fight to the death to defend it. Somehow our US foreign policy never quite figured that out…

The People’s Climate March is coming…is the earth something of our own?

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