Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The week is underway


Late last night, after I left our night serving at the homeless  shelter, after Dion helped me set up the beds and get all the towels and sheets and everything out and Kate served another full course meal with glassware and real plates and silver, everyone deserves Sunday dinner, she says, and one of our guests gives a full detailed report on the Joan Rivers funeral with a full run down of celebrity sightings, and we cleaned up and did the dishes, I stopped by the church to wait for the 7 bus home.

The only person there was Geoffrey. Bobbing and rocking back and forth like a davening chasid chanting in a language I can’t understand.

I go for coffee with Brian from ReGroup. Reviewing our experiences of his production of the Texas Trilogy. Leanings on both our parts. I appreciate his graciousness for issues that came his way from our direction. Not to mention his dedication to mining an important vein in American theatre history. Brian’s work helps us experience the roots of modern American drama. We talk about  future projects potentially at West-Park.  And my appreciation for what he  and his company brought to us.

Pat K comes in. She’s been busy enjoying being a grandmother, and other family projects. She’s anxious to get back to work, we need to find time to get our beautification committee together.
Pat O and I are going through the latest developments with architects and then Jerry our construction manager comes by for an update and I remind my self this is all about reconstruction.

Jeremy G and Rishika are out on the steps waiting the arrival of other Work Center friends for the weekly Seed Group meeting. We talk some about Sam and Ryan’s Cymbeline and some of the ideas about performance and the sacred that I’ve been talking about with Kristen. Need to get her involved in the next conversation with Mario, Jeremy and all.

Angelo appears out of the blue, as he always does, this time with stacks of his special 9-11 commemorative post-cards.

Two Japanese artists come in with paintings for Berik and Leila’s next show.

The cast members of Frog& Peach’s Titus Andronicus are arriving. I talk with one who I saw the other night in the immersive performance of Midsummer Night’s Dream in Washington Square Park in the Village last week. Their all-white costuming was reminiscent of the Guilty Remnant on HBO’s post-apocalyptic Leftovers series. I say I admire their courage in tackling Shakespeare’s Grand Guignol of a play.

Jamie pulls up in a cab, ready to take me up to 475 for another conversation with the Presbytery Trustees about our future.

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