Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Way more than ready to begin. Any successful program depends on relationships....


Dan the architect and an engineer are in to meet with Pat O to take another look around  and get the next step planned and ready to begin. I’m way more than ready to begin.

An old man comes in to see  few can offer space for a senior citizens doo wop group to rehearse. He keeps asking if we do that. I keep responding that we do.

A police sergeant comes in  to look at the gym and see if it might be a good place to conduct a boxing program for kids from the projects. The gym is, of course, perfect. And of course, he is looking for donated space. That is not so perfect. This has been Boxer Mike’s dream for a long time. We’ll see what happens.

Pat O and I are reviewing last night’s meeting with the Presbytery Trustees. This will not be easy. Nor can it be forced. They are raising good questions. I’ll be leaving soon to go to a community outreach event for the Interfaith Assembly at my friend Alistair’s church.  It’s our Panim al panim, ie, face to face program. A six month intensive program to take homeless people from homelessness to being housed and employed. The key part, of course, is relationships. The mentors who meet face to face with their mentees. Lives are changed. Transformed. On both sides. Our original program now has branch off shoots. A program called welcome home for people returning from incarceration. Another program for homeless queer youth. Another for veterans.  We will hear their stories. Hope to round up more support. It works. Sometimes.

Then Pat O and I will go to Esther’s and play some music. Together. And refresh my tired soul.

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