Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Learning the ropes: we all need something to do


Glad that Noche is back. Their sojourn in Arizona ended, now continuing to work on Antigone until an out of town try out in Seattle later this fall. But just good to sit and talk with Martin and Marina.

Gregory back again. Compliments my haircut but it’s the same story and he doesn’t even seem apologetic any more.

Tina’s associate comes by to finish the Mc Alpin clean up. Party a big success.

Marc has a plan to fix the broken glass of a display window.

Pat O and I plan out everything that needs to happen this week. We need a break from the Department of Buildings. Need to get the stop work order lifted. In the bizarre world of bureaucracy, we have to prove the building was never demolished. A simple walk down the street should settle that in a rational world. 

Jeremy and the Open Center singing group is gathering as I leave.

Talking about people on the steps with RL. He  has a plan for homeless alcoholics and drug users. They all need something to do. That’s what most people need, something to do. We need a sailing ship. Get a crew of homeless who need to rehab. They will learn the ropes, literally. There will be good food. And no booze. A tough captain. They’ll start out somewhere up the Hudson. Pick up a load of shampoo and toilet paper and perhaps other sundries for delivery, oh, maybe say the Florida Keys. Down the Hudson, out New York harbor and out to the open sea. Anyone who wants to jump ship is welcome to  swim to shore. By the time they reach their destination, the whole crew will be seaworthy, ship shape and ready to reenter society as responsible adults.  I try to connect this idea to what we’re doing in the Interfaith Assembly. But in his view, there has to be a ship out on open water, no easy way out. Sounds like a fundable idea to me…in fact, I think I’d go…

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