Saturday, September 20, 2014

They'll make it rain, they'll make it shine


To the church after a breakfast for Harlem clergy with Al Gore at Union.

Marty is outside. And lucid for the first time in along time. I say Hi
He says, Reverend, have you checked the weather report?

Actually, no. It’s a beautiful day.

No. You have  to check these things in advance. They’ll make it rain, they’ll make it shine. They can do that. You have to check these things. I tell him I’ll check it out.

Sean is back.His stuff seems to be growing again. I tell him that. He shakes his head. Sets to work sorting it all out. It can’t stay here in the sanctuary. Sooner or later something has to happen.

There’s s a woman who’s a famous healer. Does exhibitions.  Concerts. Film series. Workshops. They  have to vacate their current space. Rental fees growing exponentially. Our missions seem compatible. There’s a lot to talk about.

Off to Yankee Stadium. The season slowly running out on the Yankees as Jeter plays out the string.

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