Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer is officially over


completely forgot to note that summer officially ended three days ago with the vernal equinox. You can feel the cool bite of fall in the air. When you’re in the city, you don’t notice these things as much. And the fall program/business week never starts until after the Jewish holidays.

Getting to the church late. Our lectionary group was hosting the Rev. Lala Haja Rasendrahasina of Madagascar an International Peacemaker  speaking on Ministry in the Context of Poverty and Political Turmoil.

At Yankee Stadium, Derek Jeter is playing his next to last game in pinstripes. My son Dan reminded me that Jeter’s career has spanned his life until now. That was my childhood, he says. So I’m counting the moments

I head to the hospital to visit Samantha. Surgery went well. Now for the next steps. It’s the amazing gift of her and her  family that they are all there to be with her. They make up  3? 4? Generations in this church.

Now there’s little time left before the session  meeting. Pat and I are going over the agenda.

We’ve all gathered. Inspectors from DOB are coming tomorrow. Hopefully, the Stop Work order is on its way to being lifted. Our prospective tenant has responded to our proposal. But what is absolutely critical is a Letter of No Objection form the DOB.

Everything is falling into place. With any luck, we can get work started next week. We’ve been waiting for this a  long time…

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