Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Normal days


Angelo's tribute

Marc’s working on some wiring issues, David S working on light bulbs here and there.

The big news of the day is television’s Tina Fey in the building with her assistant , getting Mc Alpin Hall ready for her daughter’s birthday party on Friday. This is where we do what we do in New York and  just act like it’s a normal day. And she’s just another neighbor. Which she is.

Danielle the social worker and another BRC worker are here looking for Sean. He’s made his apology. Requested a room. They’re here to take him to the residence. But Sean is not here.


It’s another normal day. But we can’t help but remember. The staff meeting. The call from Regi. Thinking, oh, he’s from  another country. He must not have heard right. Katherine’s call from
John telling her the Pentagon had been hit. We scatter to our homes. I sit with Micah, home from school, watching the second plane fly into the tower over and over again, an endless loop. Bright sunshine. And a gathering cloud. Skies eerily empty. We gather at the church, our leaders. Call every member, making sure everyone is accounted for.  Open our doors for a prayer service. A hushed, quiet, gathering of neighbors. A reporter from France who  just happened to be in the neighborhood.  No idea what would happen next. That was that day.

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