Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yom Kippur Rush Time


A very quiet day.

Stephen W comes in for one final interview with a candidate to replace Danielle. Actually, Leila’s been doing a great job, but we committed to this process. We’ll see where this goes.

Pat O has more documents for me to sign to get permits moving and our construction work underway.
 David S is continuing to research the security camera situation.
Women want to have a look around.
 Lily is here waiting for Stephen S to finish his work. She’s got Presbyterian grant ideas. Plus stories worth sharing.
 Finish the day taking a walk with RL to visit his Harvey at the Riverside, formerly known as Kateri residence. The statue of the Native American  woman Saint Lily of the Mohawks is gone. The new parakeets are bright and multi-colored. There's a mezuzah by the front door. 


October already. Year racing by. Next thing you know, it will be Christmas.

But it’s still the Jewish High Holy days. Next door, at Barney Greengrass, it’s Yom Kippur rush time. Every year, Gary borrows our tables to set up his assembly line to fill orders from all across the country. Sable connects the New York City diaspora to home. It’s his single busiest day of the year. He always complains, but you know it’s part of the liturgy of the year. This marks my season of free coffee as our tables take their place as volunteers in the sturgeon supply business. Feels good to be a part of it and see the bee hive of activity. When we get to Thursday, it will be an all nighter.

Nanette comes from a Baptist church looking for a new home. No, we still worship here. Still preach the good news. Not going anywhere.

Deacon James stops by. His patience with the labyrinthine twists and turns of veterans’ and government bureaucracies is awe inspiring. But then, what choice does he have?

John R2 stops by. He was with us on the Climate march. He’s got a bulletin from a funeral service in Tulsa. A very close friend from  over 30 years ago died.  I look at the picture. Try to remember, reconnect. Look at the age. 64. Same as me.
We walk out to together as I’m off to visit Hope to pick up the check to replace the computer. And just visit awhile.
 A woman is looking for SPSA. That happens a lot. Two blocks away. Sometimes people need to be convinced that we are not actually them.
 Martin’s daughter Gabriella is hard at work on her fictionalized story about Teddy. Martin tells me she feels Teddy was one of the 4 biggest people in her life. Teddy did live big. His space has never been filled.
 Lee has some potentially exciting grant ideas. Tricia’s cast members arriving for Othello rehearsal.
 Nate drops by for a pre-National League wild card playoff game. Our hometown Pirates are playing San Francisco. We’ll be part of the ‘burgh diaspora in what will prove to be a long night joining Oakland in an early exit.

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